The Indiana Room at APL

The Indiana Room is the Alexandrian Public Library's local history and genealogical special collection. The Indiana Room special collections are intended to preserve and provide access to material supporting specialized research on Posey County history and genealogy. For preservation reasons, these materials do not circulate. Nevertheless, they are some of the most frequently accessed materials in the library. The Indiana Room has a wealth of historical documents on microfilm, as well as other print resources of interest to genealogists. Visitors from all fifty states and many countries have used the Indiana Room to research their family's history, and a brief overview of the Indiana Room holdings may convince you to make a visit here as well.

In an effort to facilitate the finding of area-specific materials, the Indiana Room collections are sub-divided. First, general works on Indiana History are arranged in regular Dewey Decimal order.

Genealogical materials are shelved separately, in the following arrangement:

Illinois Yellow
Indiana Red
Kentucky Blue
North Carolina Green
Virginia Gold

The rest of the states have narrow white spine labels with the state's name. Materials within each of these alphabetic subdivisions are arranged by Dewey Class number.

Periodicals from the Indiana Historical Society and other state, regional, and local historical and genealogical societies, arranged alphabetcially by title.

We also have an online list of microfilm holdings available for use, as well as records, directories and indices of interest, and a collection of postcards featuring historic Mount Vernon.

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